Collaborating for The Skin care of Tomorrow

Collaborating for The Skin care of Tomorrow

Collaborating for The Skin care of Tomorrow

Investing In a Shared Vision

At O&P Beiersdorf Venture Capital we want to shape the future of skin care by creating new and better ways to make people feel good in their skin. We believe that collaboration is the way to reach that goal, so we work hand in hand with startups and corporations along the whole value chain, across industries and disciplines. In supporting entrepreneurship and by sharing our assets and expertise we enable others with innovative business models or disruptive technologies to make an impact.

What We Invest In

We are looking for breakthrough ideas, technologies and business models in these areas of skin care and beauty.

New Business Models

We love to get to know authentic and purpose-driven brands embracing a D2C, platform or other new business models in the beauty sector.

D2C beauty brands, fast commerce models, eCommerce platforms


Personalized products or shopping experiences interest us as much as new technologies that enable personalization, from skin measurement to micro production.

Shopping and service experiences, personalization technologies


We are always searching for digital solutions that deliver improved consumer experience or enhance our processes along the value chain.

Smart packaging, suitable artificial intelligence, process automation

Beauty Tech

Let’s tech it up: We are looking for smart devices and similar tech innovations that can be used to reinvent the beauty and skin care sector.

Skin measurement, treatment, prevention


Sustainable solutions for beauty products and along the whole value chain from production to distribution are something we are very much on the lookout for!

Raw materials, packaging materials, circular economy solutions

Life Science & Biotech

Life and materials science technologies improving the quality, performance and sustainability of skin care and beauty products.

Life sciences, materials science, white biotech

How We Invest

You can win us over with a great idea, no matter what stage you are in!
Nevertheless, we do have our sweet spot in investments with the following qualities.

Investment Stages

Focus on Series A

Investment Size

0.5–2.5 M€

Investor Role

Minority share of up to 20%

Geographic Focus

Europe, North America, Korea & Israel

What We Offer

More than just an investment — a commitment

When you are working with us, you’ll get access to the unique assets and expertise of Beiersdorf, one of the world’s leading skin care and beauty companies.

Global Scale

We have access to more than 170 markets around the globe.

Leading Expertise

We are experienced in every step on the way to the launch of a product and beyond. Consumer insights, brand building, go-to-market, R&D - we can help you with that!

Network & Support

We’ll provide you with the experts you need and are able to utilize the extensive network of our suppliers, agencies and specialists for that.


We are in it for the long run! With investments up to 2.5M € for promising new partners and prospective follow-on investments.

How We Work


Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in the value of long-term commitments. We learn, develop and grow together and work as partners to create maximum value for everyone.


Flexible Collaborations

Every partner has different needs and we are flexible to adjust our ways of collaboration. Be it through investments only, strategic collaborations or joint developments.



We take the courage to truly innovate with our partners. We care for and respect their needs. We work together in a reliable, open-minded and pragmatic way.



We are actively driving forward sustainable solutions: ecologically, economically and socially.

Ventures We
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