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How We Do It

In our Business Unit Mastering Corporate Indie Brands we incubate ideas, create new brands and reshape our established ones from within Beiersdorf’s headquarter. Our brands have to prove themselves on the markets and lead to genuine financial impact, while we’re exploring new ideas, approaches and work processes from within. That’s why we are able to get best of both worlds: we combine the spirit of a startup with the economic strength of a global corporation. We are not a showcase.

With our hearts beating for disruptive ideas, and the freedom to stay curious, this is how we take the skin care sector to the next level.

Our Vision. Our Focus.


We increase Beiersdorf’s share in consumers’ lives


We Take Ownership from Day One


We Are First Movers, Fast Improvers

How We Work

We’re convinced that if you want extraordinary results, you need to think outside the box. That’s why challenging ourselves, our ways of working and our alleged limits every day is one of our key objectives. These are the ones that work for us right now.

The Hunt

To get inspired and learn more about the inner motivation of our team members, we do treasure hunts in different cities around the globe. Every team member receives a certain amount of money to buy items that inspire him/ her to new projects. After some hours, we come back together and pitch our ideas to each other and the best ones might turn into projects.

OSCAR&PAUL University

You cannot master something when you’re not willing to learn from each other. In the OSCAR&PAUL University we celebrate our learning culture. We share our knowledge, expertise, and experiences within the team. Each lecture helps us to make the whole team better by simply sharing learning.

The Stage

In our regular stage we pitch ideas for a selected issue to each other. Whether it’s about personalization, D2C approaches or sustainability, everyone at O&P and within our xAgency network has the chance to implement innovative projects and share their visions in this setting.


“LOV” is short for “Living Our Vision” and reminds us, that its crucial to steer into the right direction. The direction, that we chose together as a team. This is our most valuable tool and the origin of all of our methods.


The complexity of communication can only be mastered when we work together as close as possible. That’s why we build an interdisciplinary network called xAGENCY with our creative, digital, design, innovation and media partners, that work together with us on eye level. We learn, develop and grow together – as partners.


In designated meetings we acknowledge our wins and celebrate our victories. At the same time, we reflect, laugh and argue together about our setbacks and failures in our “F*CK UP Sessions”. Just like families are supposed to do. Everything we learn we implement in what we call “How to kill the Company” – a tool, with which we try to see our brands with the eyes of a competitor. Through that we discover potential weak points and extinguish them so that we can improve our brands even more.

Our Personal Signature

Which nautical symbol would OSCAR&PAUL be?

Compass - At O&P you have the freedom to steer projects in your own direction.

Annika, Jr. Digital Brand Manager
Felin, Jr. Brand Manager

How Do You Keep Your Day 1 Mindset?

Eagerness to win, learn and to challenge a growing status of self-complacency.

Hauke, Director of Mastering Corporate Indie Brands

Which beauty product should be invented?

Oh sorry we can’t tell, ‘cause we are currently working on it!

Christopher, Senior New Business Manager
Anna, Senior New Business Manager 

Why do you love working at OSCAR&PAUL?

A Passionate & diverse team. Challenging & exciting jobs. No blueprint, no boredom.

Stefan, Innovation Director Mastering Corporate Indie Brands

Our Brands

Check out our brand portfolio of our home-built corporate indie brands and already established love brands.


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